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Spring Garden Tips

Do you love spring greens, fresh herbs? 

Not sure when to plant. 

Here a re a few to plant first couple of weeks in April thru mid May.

Lettuce. Plant a small 2 X 2 foot area of mixed lettuce and you will have plenty to eat through the beginning of June.

Arugula, Spinach, Kale, Mustard. Same as above, or mix together and harvest when small and tender to add to your salads.

Dill or Cilantro.  Do you love both of these but don't have luck from transplants?  That's because they hate to be transplanted.  You will have great success if you buy a couple packs of seeds now and plant just a few seeds each week for the growing season. You will have all the dill and cilantro you want throughout the season, and you aren't overwhelmed for only one week. Remember 5-10 seeds is all you need to plant every couple of weeks for great success.  

Don't forget to buy extra seeds now for fall.  All of these plants are cold tolerant and can be planted again at the end of August.

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