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Posted 1/26/2015 9:43am by Margie Dagnal.

Friday Night Romance continues with so many changes as months go by.


Hand tied bouquet of Dahlias, featuring the Cafe au lait; dusty miller; hydrangea; frosted explosion grass; solidago; ageratum and scabiosa.

Large arrangement in glass vase of Dahlias; delphiniums; Queen Anne's Lace; Pokeweed berries; Knotweed; champagne grass; solidago and other interesting vines found on the farm

Hand tied bouquet of dahlias; wheat celosia; ageratum; scabiosa; and dusty miller.

Autumn colors are becoming more prominent with this large centerpiece arranged in my Great Grandmothers compote.  Dahlias; wheat celosia; dusty miller; hanging amaranth; butterfly bush; snaps; crab apples; sage; eucalyptus; mint; feverfew; viburnum leaves; vinca vine; forsythia branches; lemon verbena; hydrangea; yarrow; and unknown vine from farm.


Hand tied bouquet of dahlia; hydrangea; wheat celosia; bittersweet; dusty miller; feverfew; snaps; mustard greens; eucalyptus and viburnum leaves.

Jitterbug, our favorite pink dahlia to welcome our newest addition.

Hand tied bouquet with lisianthus; dahlias; hydrangea; snaps; dusty miller; pampas grass plumes; bittersweet; vinca vine and viburnum leaves.

Hand tied bouquet with dahlias; hydrangea; lisianthus; eucalyptus; dusty miller and vinca vine.

Large arrangement in an ice bucket with dahlias; lilies; hydrangea; oak leaves; viburnum leaves; pampas grass leaves and curly willow with leaves.


Hand tied bouquet featuring hydrangeas with dink dahlias; white lisianthus and dusty miller in front of a viburnum bush with it's beautiful red foliage.

Hand tied bouquet, tied with curly willow, featuring lisianthus; dusty miller; white pine and curly willow.

Hand tied bouquet with white lisianthus; rose hips; dusty miller; white pine; dried frosted explosion grass; berried privet and boxwood.

Hand tied bouquet with flowering cabbage; succulents; berried privet; berried juniper; dusty miller; white pine; and leaves from autumn corn ears.


Hand tied bouquet with flowering cabbage; rose hips; white pine; dusty miller; pine cones and arborvitae.

Hand tied bouquet with more foraging.  Rose hips; yucca leaves; dried grasses; dried burrs; dried flowers; red twig dogwood; ferns; and pines.

Hand tied bouquet with white pine; rose hips; ferns; red twig dogwood; rhododendron leaves and pine.

Finishing the calendar year with a hand tied bouquet of dusty miller; winter berry; berried juniper; boxwood; pine and cedar.


Hand tied bouquet with dusty miller; dried hydrangea; dried statice; dried eucalyptus; dried grasses; boxwood a weed we found in our greenhouse; and pine cones.

Hand tied bouquet of all foraged items:  spruce; teasel; sumac flowers; dried grasses; grapevine; dried queen Anne's Lace; yew, dried seed head of rudbeckia triloba.

Hand tied bouquet; dried hydrangea; dusty miller; dried statice; berried juniper; dried pampas plume; dried eucalyptus; pussy willow; rose hips and cedar.

A tribute to my Great Grandmother;  and my Grandmother, who's home I gathered all the ingredients for the bouquet.  The family's suburban home of over 50 years is being passed along to a new family to enjoy and make memories of their own.  We will take our own memories to cherish.  A large hand tied bouquet of pieris japonica; berried holly; English ivy; variegated euonymus; spruce and juniper.

With these pictures as inspiration, it is your turn to think about your surroundings to see what you can create.  You can participate on Instagram or Pinterest with other flower lovers and share your creations.

We have been inspired by Erin Benzakein founder of Floret Flower Farm, who, as she calls herself "a total flower nut".  She has created the #seasonalfloweralliance on Instagram to share your local arrangements with others.  Check out her blog and beautiful pictures on her web site.

Debra Prinzing author and founder of Slow Flowers, has a challenge for 2015 to think locally and create an arrangement for 52 weeks.  Click on  Slow Flowers for details. 

We will continue to share our "Friday Night Romance" each week with everyone.  This will give you a peek at what is blooming on our farm and give you inspiration as the seasons change.


Stay tuned for details of our DIY event and wedding options for 2015 next week.........



Posted 1/19/2015 9:03am by Margie Dagnal.

Friday Night Romance brings you the beauty found on our farm and surroundings each week.


Hand tied bouquet of anemones; ranunculus; lambs ear; vinca vine and anemone leaves.


A pretty setting in a puddle from abundant spring rains, with our goose, Fiona.  Hand tied bouquet with anemones and dogwood.  No intention, however, it is Goose; Creek; Gardens!

A small round glass vase with tulips; daffodils; ranunculus; anemones; dogwood branches; vinca vine and spearmint.

Hand tied bouquet of ranunculus; sweet peas and Icelandic poppies.


A hand tied bouquet of tulips; poppies; stock; sweet peas and dusty miller on our 1979 Ford tractor.

A very large statement piece in a glass vase, at lest 3' across.  Daffodils; tulips; ranunculus; crab apple branches and cilantro.

A large statement piece in an ice bucket with Icelandic Poppies; Sweet William; viburnum; Bells of Ireland; dusty miller and honeysuckle.

A mantle or buffet arrangement, about 3'- 4' wide in a small round glass vase. Poppies; sweet peas; honeysuckle; viburnum; peppermint; dusty miller and vinca vine.

A hand tied bouquet with no face flowers, and many textures make this a beauty.  Sweet William; allium; sweet peas; scabiosa; dames rocket; French Tarragon; spearmint; oracle; wheat and a yellow ground cover(not sure of a name).


Hand tied bouquet with peonies; dahlias; sweet peas; snap dragons; anemone; viburnum; mustard greens; oracle; lemon verbena; peppermint and forsythia branches.

Large table arrangement in a milk glass vase.  Stock; poppies; Sweet William; sweet peas; snapdragons; dill; lemon verbena and forsythia.

Hand tied bouquet with a focal flower, the ever popular Cafe au lait dahlia and other small dahlias; delphiniums; sweet peas; poppies; nigella; Chinese forget-me-nots; crab apples; dusty miller and spearmint.

Hand tied bouquet showing off summer colors.  Rudbeckia; dahlias; crazy daisies; bachelor buttons; Chantilly snapdragons; Sweet William; veronica; nigella; vinca vine; astilbe; lemon verbena and hosta leaves.


Hand tied bouquet celebrating the 4th of July with white dahlias; snapdragons; lisianthus; red snaps; hanging amaranth; black berries; blue bachelor buttons and forget-me-nots with an accent of dusty miller.

A soft, cool, romantic pastel, statement piece, made in a small milk glass compote style, glass candy dish.  Delphiniums; dahlias; Chantilly snaps; bachelor buttons; feverfew; mint; crab apples; blackberries and dusty miller.

Hand tied bouquet. Dahlia; snaps; ageratum; lisianthus; Queen Anne's Lace; nigella; peppermint; delphinium; zinnias and dill.

Hand tied bouquet of sunflowers; dahlias; lisianthus; scabiosa; forget-me-nots; snaps; gomphrena; honeysuckle berries, and ageratum.


A table compote style arrangement at dusk, featuring: dahlias; cone flowers; forget-me-nots; delphiniums; nigella pods; poke-weed; hanging amaranth; mint and dusty miller.

Hand tied bouquet with dahlias; dusty miller; lisianthus; Chantilly snaps; forget-me-nots; statice; ammi and frosted explosion grass.

A large table piece in a glass vase with lisianthus; delphiniums; snaps; dahlias; crab apples; fruited fig branches; dusty miller and pampas grass leaves.

A large table piece in an ice bucket with dahlias; zinnias; scabiosa; butterfly bush; snaps; sweet pea vines; statice; ammi; solidago; grasses and Japanese Knot-weed.

Hand tied bouquet with dahlias; snaps; hydrangea; knot-weed; eucalyptus; scabiosa; champagne grass and dusty miller.


Our arrangements make you feel we have just plucked a section of the garden and brought it in doors.  They are reminiscent of the Victorian Era arrangements, similar to what we may all have seen on the early seasons of "Donwton Abbey".

Stay tuned for next week.....



Posted 10/7/2014 7:01am by Margie Dagnal.

Katie and I were honored to be interviewed for a Podcast airing on Slow Flowers, by Debra Prinzing, author and creator of Slow Flowers. 

Grab a cup of coffee and take a moment to download and listen to the interview and see what changes have been going on here at Goose Creek Gardens.

Slow Flowers look for release date of 10/1/14.

Posted 10/1/2014 6:27pm by Margie Dagnal.

We are delighted to announce that we, are featured on the Slow Flowers Podcast: Flowers as Food for the Soul — Transitioning from food-farming to flower-farming, with Goose Creek Gardens (Episode 161) with Debra Prinzing, today.  October 1st, 2014Stop on over to the Slow Flowers web page and go to download podcasts. 

Get a cup of coffee, tea or favorite beverage and listen to our story.

Connect through Facebook SlowFlowers/Debra Prinzing.

Posted 8/20/2010 10:53am by Margie Dagnal.

No Farms No Food

It's pretty simple: if we don't have farms, we're not going to have food. All of us count on America's farms and ranches to provide fresh, healthy and local food—but our farms and ranches are rapidly disappearing.

Did you know that we don’t produce enough fresh fruits and vegetables for everyone to eat a balanced and nutritious diet? In fact, it is estimated that we need another 13 million acres of farmland growing fruits and vegetables in this country just for Americans to meet the minimum daily requirement of fruits and vegetables set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  (direct quote from American Farmland Trust Website)

Don't know what to give that favorite person as a gift?

I would much rather have my neighbor growing my fruit thanhaving be shipped from another country

Make a donation in their name to the American Farmland Trust.

Posted 6/16/2010 12:51pm by Margie Dagnal.

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Posted 4/23/2010 10:11am by Margie Dagnal.

What a great thing for Earth Week
WQED is aring Food, Inc on Sunday, April 25, at 7:00 PM.

This is a don't miss film!
Approproriate for all ages.

Share with this with your friends and family.

New Slideshow: Friday Night Romance!October 23rd, 2015

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Friday Night Romance contiunes.....January 26th, 2015

Friday Night Romance continues with so many changes as months go by. September Hand tied bouquet of Dahlias, featuring the Cafe au lait; dusty miller; hydrangea; frosted explosion grass; solidago; age

Friday Night Romance!January 19th, 2015

Friday Night Romance brings you the beauty found on our farm and surroundings each week. March Hand tied bouquet of anemones; ranunculus; lambs ear; vinca vine and anemone leaves. April A pretty set

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